Gargolaclimbing: Rocódromos y presas de escalada

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The company

GARGOLA is a company dedicated to the construction of climbing walls, artificial holds, and all the necessary accessories, with 20 years of experience.

Utilizing new manufacturing techniques together with inspired designs, we have combined functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony to create climbing walls which are inspired by natural crags and imitate the complexity of its casual and geometrical shapes.

After all, what is it that makes rock so beautiful? Its fanciful shapes, resulting from the erosion by wind and water after hundreds of years, have served us as inspiration to create state-of-the-art climbing structures, which are furthermore aesthetically integrated in its surroundings.

Our new industrial premises located in a modern industrial park, assure our commitment to establish agile and completely transparent trade relations. Our motto: "search and compare...", and you'll see that we offer excellent value for money, consultation and customer service.

Gárgola complies with the European norm UNE-EN 12572 in all climbing installations and equipments. Our projects are always certified by an independent team of engineers, in order to guarantee the paramount aspect of our work in high sport facilities: safety.

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